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The Inspiration

“Over 70 years have passed since the Liberation of Auschwitz. As each subsequent year concludes, those who lived through the horrors of this darkest time in human history will continue to reduce in number.


Adam researched individual testimonies. personal journeys and spoke with several Survivors, now elderly Jewish men and women. As children, whose lives and families were ripped apart during the chaos of World War II, many emerged from this human tragedy to rebuild their lives in the UK, from nothing, with no-one.


He learned that, despite the traumas they encountered in Nazi Europe, their message is often positive; of defiance, survival, love, success and hope. Yet many fear a time in the not-so-distant future where they are gone, confined to pages of our history books, with a message at risk of being forgotten.


“Shemira” is a result of this research, highlighting the positive contribution Survivors of the Holocaust gave to their new found homes, through their resilience, their ambition and their legacy. All had one consistent message for the future; continue to tell the stories of those who are no longer able to tell the story for themselves.”

“It is important that people tell their tales. And that we listen”


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